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Wooden Door Types

What makes KAPIM special ?

We have brought together our over 30 years of experience in the forest products sector with our valued customers under the brand of KAPIM. We aimed to preserve what nature offers us and to combine them with our products, unlike the formations that lose their naturality and quality every passing day, besides that they ignore human health.

In this respect, we carry our distinct design doors to your living area, composed in Turkey’s largest natural-coated door production facility. We expertly blend our experience with the natural texture of wood pattern. PVC-based production and synthetic gates are preferred in terms of catching mass production in today’s door productions and catching the greatest yield with minimum effort. At this point, we, as KAPIM team, meet the natural door need in the market with our doors which are all natural wooden. Thanks to the high technology in our factory, all kinds of motifs, lacquers and fire resistance options can be added to orders of 100 doors and over. More than 20 points in Turkey, primarily in İstanbul, Ankara, and Antalya, we diligently meet the needs of those who search for natural door.Click for more information and details about KAPIM.

Project Door Construction and References

For the offers of 100 wooden door sets and over, we produce the doors exactly the way you want. You can get a price offer by mailing your door drawings to info@

Wooden Door Parts Production

As you can get our wooden door as a set, you can also get them with the options of moldings, doorframes, wings, astragal strip, polished, unpolished. Click on the profile detail page.

Our Green Consciousness

As Kahramanlar Forest Products, we carry out afforestation work in the Ankara \ Akyurt region within the scope of the project “Trees Like a Door”.

High Quality Veneer

We offer you the perfect by integrating our full professional paint line and the Genç Boya experience. Click for the prices.

Raw Door Sales

For our customers who want to use different lacquer / paint techniques or want to do painting at their own workshop. Raw Door Prices

Coating Reinforcements

The coatings used in the products you have bought are kept in our stocks and sold on request. Coating Prices