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Solid Panel in Kahramanlar

The solid panel has always had a distinctive place in our company. Our production of solid panels, which started in 2000, is progressing with maximum efficiency by supporting 7 units of 5-layer hot press, long finger joining lines and with many machines such as opticat. Our panel production is divided into classes under TSE standards and presented to our valued customers.

You can visit our blog for detailed articles on solid panel applications, production, and its usage as a hobby and which tree should be used in the projects.


As we know that our prices are unrivaled, we do not hesitate to publish our current price lists on the internet unlike other companies.


Massive Panel Usage Recommendations

  • The top plate of the stacked panels may become hunched over time. The hunchbacked plate will flatten when it is held upside down.
  • Produced panels should be veneered as soon as possible and cut off its touch with air.
  • All surfaces of the panels should be veneered.
  • Panels should be processed as soon as possible.

Storage of Solid Panel

  • Panels should be stacked on top of each other by placing strips of equal length and equal thickness between them.
  • The relative humidity of the area where the panels are to be used and the relative humidity of the storage where they are stacked should be the same.
  • The wedges to be placed under the stacks must be equally spaced and of equal thickness.
  • Panel stacks should not be in an environment with excessive air circulation.

More Technical Part 🙂

  • Our solid panels are produced from various tree species in our panel line. The tree species are beech, limba, sapelli, iroko, chestnut, oak, pine and spruce.
  • First, the timber that we supply is cut in various sizes and dried in our drying ovens at a humidity of 8% + / -2.
  • The joining process uses water based D4 PVA glue for softwoods (pine, spruce etc.), polyurethane glue for hardwoods (oak, iroko etc).

  • Our panel varieties are classified as full length and jointless.
    Our full-length panels are joined by the finger joint method (end-to-end insertion).
  • Qualities of solid panels we produce: Extra, AB and BB.
    Extra quality – clean on both sides, no knobs, no color difference
    EU quality – front face is clean, other face is not color compatible
    BB quality (for softwoods) – two-sided color incompatible
    BB quality (for hardwoods) – knobs on both faces

Properties of Massive Panel Types