Impregnated Wooden Products

What is impregnated wood ?

It is the process of impregnating wood with various chemical substances in various ways to prolong the life of the wood and increase its durability. The impregnation process gives the most successful results when applied in a special tank and under high pressure. Applications such as dipping should be avoided. The aim of the impregnation process is to prevent damage to the soft and vulnerable parts of the tree, an organic material, by injecting the chemical.

Impregnation in Kahramanlar

The impregnation process in our company is carried out by bringing the kiln-dried timber to their final dimensions and impregnating the surface with 12 bar pressure. There are two different types: Green Impregnation and Brown Impregnation. Green Impregnation is cheaper than Brown Impregnation.

Not = The following dimensions are in raw condition. After wiping it is reduced by 0.5 cm.

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Our Varieties =

(2.5cm * 5cm) Timber

(5cm * 5cm) Timber

(5cm * 10cm) Timber

(10cm * 10cm) Timber

(10cm * 15cm) Timber

Detailed Explanation of Impregnation Process

We explained you the impregnation process step-by-step to answer all the questions in your mind.

Step 1:

The material to be subjected to the impregnation process is stacked and brought to a position where it cannot move, then it is taken into the process tank and the lid of the tank is closed. After this step, the wood material has become ready for the impregnation process.

Step 2:

The first stage after closing the lid is vacuum pumping. The purpose of the vacuum pumping is to open the cell breathing and let the impregnation material penetrate the body of the wood. The duration of the vacuum process varies depending on the type and dryness of the tree.

Step 3:

When vacuum in the tank is drawn, the impregnation material is transferred into the tank until the tank is completely filled. When the tank is completely filled, the vacuum operation stops and the pressure is switched on.

Step 4:

The pressure stage starts when the tank is full and the material is impregnated all the way with 12.0 BAR pressure. The duration of the pressure application varies according to the type of wood. When the pressure is finished, the tank is emptied.

Step 5:

When the impregnation tank is evacuated, the residual impregnation material is withdrawn from the wood material by reversingthe vacuum to try to make it relatively dry.

Step 6:

Although the impregnation material is withdrawn by reversing vacuum, the wood is still wet. Material should be left to dry for 2-3 days in an area and the impregnated wood becomes ready.